We had a wonderful experience with Villa St. Clair. We had about 150 guests, and the location still seemed intimate - many of our guests were surprised at how many people were actually there.

Ms. Kim held our hands the entire way, giving us advice and honest feedback on vendors when we asked for it. She coordinated with all of our vendors before and during the day. The whole day went smoothly - from getting ready before our church wedding, to the end of the day when our parents had to figure out how to bring home all the left-over drinks, etc. The staff kept calm throughout every snag during the day; every person we interacted with was very accommodating and eager to help.

The decorations were beautiful, and the food was delicious! Can’t say enough to express how much we loved working with Villa St. Clair and celebrating the best day of our lives there!

Thank you, Villa St. Clair!!
— TJ, Groom