As you start to plan your wedding, you will find that all of your friends and family believe that there are different rules that no wedding should break. I am here to set the record straight. Here are some rules that you do not need to follow. 

White Wedding Dress

The most identifiable element of a wedding is the white wedding dress. Wear a white wedding dress lets everyone know that you are in fact the woman getting married, but why white and why a dress. If white isn't your color or dresses aren't your style, change it. This is your day and you should feel comfort and beautiful in whatever your wear. 

White Bridesmaids' Dresses

It's said that the only person to wear white should be the bride, but why not your bridesmaids. If you have a neutral style wedding, white dress might be the prefect bridesmaids' dress. You can distinguish yourself from your bridesmaids by having them in shorter dresses.  

Bridesmaids' Bouquet

Bridesmaids don't have to have bouquets. I know this is a crazy idea, but it true. Instead of heavy bouquets you can give your bridesmaids corsages. Corsages can be a cheaper alternative to bouquets. Or go crazy and have your bridesmaid hold balloons or lanterns. 

Mixed Gender Wedding Party

The brides has bridesmaids and the groom has groomsmen. Why leave out one of your best friends just because of their gender. Your wedding should included all of the important people in your life who have loved and supported you through your ups and downs. 



If your mom is like mine, she is definitely going to pick out dress that cover up your tattoo. Your tattoos are like your jewelry, your dress, and your shoes. They are a statement about your style and personality. You shouldn't feel the need to cover them up, but instead find a way to show them off. 


Your parents and parents-in-law are expecting everyone from both of your families to be at your wedding, but if you have imagined just you and your boo eloping under the Tuscan sun, do it. After you elope you can invite your friends and family to a party to celebrate your marriage together.