We love engagements! Surya and Nik announced their engagement with these stunning photos taken at Villa St. Clair in both our open wildflower field and in our ballroom. Here are a few tips that could make your engagement photos more unique to you.



Whether they are a new addition, or a long-time family member, your pet is an important part of your new chapter so don’t be afraid to highlight them in some of your pictures. 


Want to show off your best outfit? But also feature your casual style? Bring multiple outfits to switch into during your session. Not only will your photographer get a better sense of your style, but you will have a larger variety of photos to choose from for your announcements. These photo sessions can be as versatile as the two of you!


These pictures should tell a part of your story as a couple, so be comfortable in the place you are taking them. This could be by the actual location: hallmarks of your hometown or your favorite date spot; or it could be what you bring to the location. Your favorite music could be wonderful in the background as you dance your way through the photo session.


It’s great to come into your session with ideas of what you are wanting, but you don’t have to stick to it like glue. Your photographer will have experience in different environments and lights, so trust that he will take the best shots. Also, the “golden hour” for lighting is a very real, but a good photographer can make any time of the day look good. 

Most of all, HAVE FUN! It's impossible to take a bad photo if you are enjoying yourself!

Stay tuned to see more from Surya and Nik's wedding on November 4th!

Photos by Edward Kemper Photography