On May 20th, 2017, most of the world stopped to fawn over the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews. The event was stunning and resulted in many admiring brides-to-be drooling over the décor and other elements that are sure to become next season’s hottest trends. Here are some of the stand-out trends we are sure to see!

High-neck Lace Gowns:
Pippa’s dress, designed by Giles Deacon, turns to a more classic style. With the lace high neck and capped sleeves, this dress set a theme of a timeless elegant celebration.

Pippa 3.jpg

Blush and Ivory Flowers 

The church ceremony, held in Englefield, Berkshire, was adorned with blush English roses, ivory accent flowers, and rounded out with greenery. Every major surface seemed to be lifted with these arrangements from the top of the columns to the archway above the entrance. This trend continues what we have seen over the past year natural flower choices and a softer, lighter color scheme. 


Glass Marquees: 
For a more open and glamorous feeling for the reception, the couple opted for a glass marquee rather than a tent or tent-style marquee. The views to the outside garden and sky above created a wonderful ‘greenhouse effect’.

Unique Entertainment:
Entertainment for weddings is becoming more creative and individualized and that was no exception for Pippa and James’ day. In addition to the Spitfire flyby pictured below, there was a ‘psychedelic light display’ and projected images of the couple onto the Middleton home.


Vintage Get-away Car:
At the end of the celebration, the newlyweds could be seen driving away in Pippa’s vintage Jaguar which rounded out the classical look of the wedding. Vintage motors have now taken top interest for brides as they leave for their new life together. 

Whether you choose to make your wedding exactly like Pippa and James’ or you prefer to take a more simple, personalized approach you can implement any of these latest trends into your wedding to create the classic style that suits you! 

Photos from UK Daily Mail 

Photos from UK Daily Mail