So you're getting married.  Congratulations!  As I am sure you have already discovered there is a MULTITUDE of information out there about wedding planning.  How do you know what to listen to?  Well, we along with our friends at InStyle have compiled a list of wedding myths busted!  


•    You and your fiancé will plan everything together: With most couples trying to juggle careers, family, and everyday tasks, there won’t be much time to sit down together regularly to sort through the details. There are a few items that each of you will be excited about. He likes the band, food, and alcohol; you like the venue, flowers, and decor. Take charge on those tasks and convene later to make final decisions. 

Brio Photography 

Brio Photography 

•    Your wedding ceremony must be the first event of your wedding day: Mix it up! You can schedule a cocktail hour or guest entertainment like an aerialist before the ceremony if you want something different. 

•    Bridesmaids must wear identical dresses: While this is what has been done in the past, it is entirely up to you! Identical dresses are not a must have. Try assorted styles in the same color to flatter each girl individually, or if you want the same style, look at similar colors within your gradient to create a complimentary palette.  Your maids will love being able to choose a dress that flatters their unique style and shape and you’ll be able to relax knowing everyone will look their best and is comfortable!

Jerry Hayes Photography

Jerry Hayes Photography

•    Have the wedding planner do the seating arrangements:  Truth be told, unless you have a plated meal with options you can throw out the assigned seating idea altogether.  Just make sure you reserve some tables for your parents and close family members.  If you must do a seating chart you have to be involved.  You know your friends and family better than anyone. Having your planner seat all of your guests without knowing the dynamics of your families and friends may result in a fiasco.   

•    A huge wedding band is a must: Large bands can be fun, but can also get pretty pricy. If you want live music over a DJ, look into smaller bands or trios. I recently went to a live music venue downtown and heard a trio consisting of a harpist, bassist, and drummer that blew me away. They had such a fun twist on a classic wedding instrument and I loved the diversity of music genres they can perform.

•    You don’t need a video/shot list: You’ve heard it before, and we’ve said it too: “Trust your photographer.” And yes, you should absolutely heed what your photographer/videographer tells you, but the best ones use a shot list. This gives them an idea of what you are wanting most, groups of family that need to be in photos, etc.

·        You have to have an even wedding party: If he has a tight knit group of 3 best friends while your girl squad totals 8, or vice versa, don’t feel as though you need to cut someone out or put fillers in to make everything symmetrical. Those that are closest to you and you want a part of your wedding party should be there. You can make some friends readers or honorary toast-givers, but there is no rule that says there has to be an even number.

•    Everything must be perfect on you wedding day: No event ever goes 100% according to plan, but the good news is, no one will know! Focus on the positive.  It's a wonderful day and no matter what happens, your wedding will be perfect because you are marrying your person!  Enjoy the moments, ignore the hiccups, and CELEBRATE!