We have it on good authority that the floral arrangements for your wedding can easily be one of the most expensive parts of your big day. So here’s a fun, nifty, and crafty alternative to  having to pay for flowers: have a flowerless wedding! You could go totally crazy with this idea or you could even make it into a bit of a DIY wedding project. Not only will you spend less on your wedding, but it will certainly look more unique! Here are some fun examples of ways you can go flowerless for your wedding.


                                               photo via  somethingturquoise.com

                                               photo via somethingturquoise.com

When it comes to centerpieces, you can get very creative with what you end up doing. Candles can make it all look very classy and intimate. Wine bottles can give any wedding an elegant look. You can also have your centerpiece be a stack of your favors for guests to just easily grab.


                                                            photo via  shefinds.com

                                                            photo via shefinds.com

There are millions of way that you can have a flowerless bouquet. A bouquet of various jeweled brooches will look fantastic in a classic and elegant wedding, while a butterfly bouquet is perfect for a fun, colorful, and spring wedding. Online you will find various styles that you can always tailor to the theme of your wedding!


                                                   photo via  weddingchicks.com

                                                   photo via weddingchicks.com

Just like the bouquets, you can find various ways of crafting your boutonnieres for your wedding. Whatever your theme or color is, there’s definitely a way to make your boutonnieres reflect that. Just have fun with it and think about how sophisticated the groom and groomsmen will look on the special day!
Guests will leave your wedding marveling at how different and refreshing it was to be at a non-floral wedding! Have a great time making your unique centerpieces, boutonnieres, decorations, bouquets, etc.! We’ll see you on your wedding day, completely in awe of your fabulous wedding.