The budget. Every couple has when they start to plan their wedding, but it never seems to be easy sticking to it. It can be incredible frustrating seeing a beautiful centerpiece or bouquet on Pinterest and learning that that one piece cost $350. When this realization hit it can be devastating. Couples start to think that their vision for their wedding is unattainable, but there are some inventive and cost-effective ways to keep your vision a reality when it come to flowers.   


The most budget-friendly way to save on flowers is focus on your visual color scheme and not of specific flowers. Many couple see a specific arrangement and have to have that exact combination of flowers. Instead be opened minded about flowers that have the same color and texture that you liked in your inspiration photo. Here is a link to examples of how to do this



Many couple want extravagant centerpieces these days. These are usually very tall or big or both. Instead of having these huge centerpieces on every table consider having a few and selected tables. Mixing high and low centerpieces is very appealing to your eye  Alternate your beautifully tall centerpieces with a mixture of candles, petals, or smaller arrangements to help keep your decor budget on track.  


If you have a favorite flower that you HAVE to have, but for whatever reason (whether because it's out of season or just generally) it very expensive, incorporate it with some greenery. Having half of your centerpieces with greenery can help save money and still makes for a beautiful arrangement. 



Repurposing your flowers is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Many items such as aisle runners, bridesmaid bouquets, and cocktail table decor, can be used in other parts of your ceremony and reception. Bridesmaids bouquets can be gorgeous centerpieces for tables. Aisle runner candles would look great on your sweetheart table. Just remember and anything and everything can be used again during your wedding.