There are many details that go into weddings. From flowers to food, the list seems infinite. In today’s society couples can’t forget to update their friends and family about their wedding plans on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other apps.Young people today love to post pictures of their experiences to their social media accounts. A cute and fun idea is to great a special backdrop. Backdrops have been especially trendy as of late, and are not only great for pictures, but will make for a beautiful ceremonial setting. From walls of flowers and balloons to string lights, your guests will be sure to enjoy this trendy idea. The best thing about backdrops is that they can be as intricate or simple as you desire. Here are some ideas to make your wedding day the next internet sensation!

Frames & Flowers

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Hanging frames will make every photo “picture-perfect”! Guests will be sure to enjoy this charming backdrop, and the additional touch of flowers on each frame makes it all the more gorgeous.

Striking Streamers & String Lights

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Bright and colorful streamers cut intricately are a simple and easy way of adding that special flair to your ceremony or reception. The string lights hanging above you and your loved ones make the setting warm and inviting, while creating a classy element.

Wooden Whimsy

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The first thing that comes to mind when looking that this backdrop is: fairytale. Picture the night of your dreams, you look like a princess, your groom the prince. Your wedding looks like it came straight from a storybook. With greenery all around and petite floral pops, this wooden wall takes your guests to another world.

 Succulent Wall

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If all natural is your style, then this wall of succulents is sure to catch your eye. Not only does this backdrop add texture and color elements to your ceremony or reception, but it is a unique way to add greenery to your wedding.

 Strands of Lights

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This backdrop is perfect for a romantic wedding. The mix of feathers and lights offers a classic and warm feeling.

 Chalkboard of Love

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Chalkboards are a major trend lately, so why not incorporate them into your wedding? Most brides use regular sized pictures with cute sayings written on them, but a fun upgrade is to make your backdrop a chalkboard. With lovely quotes and you and your groom’s names written in elegant calligraphy, your wedding will definitely be Instagram-worthy!

 Rustic Doors

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For a picturesque theme, a quaint door with floral elements makes for lovely pictures.If simple elegance is your idea of perfection then this backdrop is the one for you.

 Paper Flower Garden


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For a pleasant twist on floral elements at your wedding, these grand flowers will make for unforgettable photos. If your theme is whimsical, a paper flower garden is sure to inspire! One of the best parts of this particular backdrop, is that you can do it yourself if you want. The fact that the flowers are made from paper makes this project reasonable, and you can make them in whatever color or type of flower you choose.

 Urban Style

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The mix of geometric shapes, like circles and rectangles, gives an urban feel to your setting. To make this backdrop more elegant and wedding-like, add pops of colorful flowers and greenery.

 Balloon Arch


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A balloon arch is yet another option that is sure to spark excitement in everyone at your wedding. Having balloons in different shapes and sizes makes the arch unique. With special touches of greenery and sweet flowers, guests will be sure to not mistake your wedding for prom. This fun backdrop is colorful, yet classy!