Everyone has an idea of what a “normal” wedding looks like: Bride and groom walk down the aisle with beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen dressed to the nines. You chose chicken or fish and watch the bride and groom interact with their black tie guests in a dimly lit ballroom reception hall. A three tiered white wedding cake and unique grooms cake to match his quirky personality. But what if I told you it didn’t have to be so black and white? One way to avoid this humdrum “normal” wedding is a brunch wedding and reception! Here’s a step by step guide on how to plan a flawless brunch wedding.

Step 1: Color Scheme

photo via societybride.com

There are a few different ways you could approach this, depending on your style and vision. One way to go is light colors and simple patterns. For example, you could use light pink and a chevron or striped pattern. This creates a light feeling while still being trendy and sophisticated. Also, a lot of subtle floral arrangements will keep the springtime aspect of your brunch wedding.

Step 2: Invitations

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Brunch is all about elegance and simplicity. So naturally, your invitations should reflect this. Having a plain colored invitation with a floral accent is the perfect way to get your vision of simplicity across to your guests. You could also add some lace if that’s more your style!

Step 3: Wedding Backdrop

 photo via onewed.com

An outdoor wedding is ideal for your brunch soirée. Beautiful arches with delicate flowers continue the theme of simplicity and elegance throughout your day.

Step 4: Bridal Party Attire

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Because brunch is not necessarily black tie formal attire, the bridal party should be more relaxed to fit the theme. Simple, more casual dresses for the bridesmaids alongside khaki or light gray suits for the groomsmen will set the perfect tone for casual attire at your brunch wedding.

Step 5: Food

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Let’s get to the good stuff: food. Your brunch wedding would be incomplete without brunch food! Some fun ideas to play around with are an omelet bar, a waffle bar, mini quiches, fruit kebabs, mini pancakes and French toast, a fruit parfait bar and so many more. The possibilities are truly endless! Just pick whatever kind of breakfast food you and your hubby like to snack on and you can find a way to have it at your brunch wedding!

Step 6: The Drinks

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Another thing to think about is what to serve to your thirsty guests. The classic beer and wine might not be the best choice for a reception taking place at 11 am. Some alternatives to these classic drink options are a coffee bar and mimosa bar. At the coffee bar, you can have the classic ingredients for all coffee lovers but then have some sort of signature blend or cappuccino your guests can order. This will give your guests a way to connect with you and your fiancé and share the things you like. For the mimosa bar, you can have a variety of fresh fruits, different kinds of champagnes and orange juice or even orange sherbet ice cream so all your guests can have something unique and delicious.

Step 7: The Cake

photo via lovemydress.net

By now your guests have had wonderful breakfast foods to munch on during your beautiful brunch bash. Why not continue that trend with your cake? Some unique alternatives to a classic wedding cake could be a crepe cake, an un-iced pound cake with fresh fruit, or donut holes. Each would still satisfy your guests sweet tooth but would not be too heavy for your light and airy reception.

Obviously, this wedding is not your typical idea of a “normal” wedding. If abnormal is more your style, you can use these suggestions along with your own vision and style to create the perfect brunch wedding for you and your guests!