Every bride wants to feel and look her best on her big day. Now, ladies, if we are being honest…when it comes to footwear, lookin’ good and feelin’ good, can be tough to put together. If you’re like me and want to wear a heel, but don’t want to worry about blisters, tired feet, cramped toes (all of that fun stuff), I have a solution for you. On your wedding day, you could wear not just one, but TWO pairs of shoes.

Whether you bought the A-line dress, the fitted gown, or you went for short and sweet, high heels will always compliment. Make your big debut down the aisle in the heel of your choice. Go all out! Sparkles, your favorite color, strappy; if you only wear them for the ceremony, comfort doesn’t need to be at the top of your list.

Once you, your husband, and your new last name have made it down the aisle, kick off those pumps and make way for some shoes that you can party in all night long. Your second choice of footwear is totally up to you, and should be a reflection of who you are, as well as venue appropriate. The options are endless. A current favorite of mine that captures the categories of trendy, comfy and, “wedding-y” are customizable converse. While you’re at it, you can even pick up a pair for your honey too!