Being in charge of throwing the bridal shower is already enough stress, but then when you start to plan it all out and realize how expensive its going to be, the stress multiplies. Trust me, I’ve been there! So I have a few tips about ways you can cut down on costs without sacrificing quality.


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A smart way to get inexpensive bridal shower invitations is to shop the clearance aisle! Next time you pass the stationary section, check for any cute invitations that are marked down and take advantage of your great find! If money is really tight, send out a Facebook invite instead of mailing individual paper invites. This will save you money on not only the invitations themselves, but you also won’t have to buy postage. By creating a Facebook event, you can also get a real-time update of who will and won’t be attending so that you have better numbers for food and drinks.

Food and drinks

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Instead of providing everyone with a meal, schedule the shower for a time in between meals so that you can serve less expensive snacks. Buy a variety of chips and dips and place them on big plates around the party area. Also, get some fruit and veggie trays for guests to snack on, and of course, don’t forget the dessert! You can find really inexpensive (and delicious) cupcakes at Sam’s Club or Costco, and then you can get creative with the placement and arrangement of them so that you don’t spend a ton of money on the actual decoration of the cupcakes. Instead of having all kinds of liquor, make one specialty drink, like punch or mimosas, to keep alcohol costs down.


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Again, the clearance aisle is your best friend! But, don't forget about Craigslist, or Facebook buy-and-sell pages! There are always women looking to sell their wedding decorations after their big day, so an easy way to save money on shower decorations is to buy them this way. Make sure that you also check the dollar store for disposable serving items and other inexpensive things you can use!

Favors and game ideas

 An inexpensive shower favor idea is nail polish! Buy a few different colors, along with pocket-size emery boards and tie them together for a cute, yet inexpensive gift. You can search the internet for wedding shower game ideas, and you will find things that you can print off right at home. Score cards and props are easy to print and take no time at all! A fun inexpensive game is the toilet paper dress game, because all you have to buy is toilet paper and tape.