Wedding…Cake…a delicious and timeless tradition that most everyone looks forward to. However, what exactly are your guests looking forward to? Cake? Or maybe they just want dessert? More and more couples are choosing to steer totally clear of the traditional, white, frosted confection. Wedding “cakes” can really be anything you want. Featured below are a few of my favorites.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Wedding Cake

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Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? If you want to stick close to the look of an actual cake, you could have your cookie frosted and decorated just like you would want your cake to look. Glasses of milk are not necessary, but encouraged, as your guests may need help washing down all of that delicious-ness!

Cinnamon Roll Wedding Cake

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For those channeling a specific time of day, this Cinnamon Roll Cake would be especially beautiful for a brunch themed wedding.

Donut Wedding Cake

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Anyone tying the knot on June 4th? National Donut Day! Another reason to have donuts instead of cake. How cute is this photo?

Wedding Pies

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Pies would be great for a fall wedding, especially, and can also be budget friendly. For those looking to cut expensive bakery costs, don’t be afraid to round up family members and their recipes to create an assortment of pies that you, and your guests are sure to enjoy. To add uniqueness, put the recipes on display (unless they are secret family recipes, then you can just keep your guests guessing).

Now, if you aren’t comfortable with totally ditching a cake at your wedding, please keep in mind that all of the above ideas can always be used to complement your cake of choice. Other complementary options are also available like cake balls, cheesecakes, mousses, etc. the options are endless and totally dependent on you.