Planning your wedding is stressful, but having your closest friends there can help make the process less stressful and fun. But narrowing down your friends and deciding who’s going to be in your wedding party can be complicated. Here are some things to think about when you are deciding who is going to be in your wedding party.

Take Your Time and Think About

You don’t have to choose who’s going to be in your wedding party the day after you get engaged. Take some time and really think about the people you want to spend your whole wedding day with. Make a list and talk about with your fiancé. Determine if there is a real reason you need them by your side.

You Don't Need To Return the Favor

Just because you were in someone else wedding doesn’t mean that they have to be in yours. If this is the only reason you are considering having him or her in your wedding party, you should probably not have invite them. You should have people you want to have around you during this exciting and stressful time, not people you feel obligated to. 

Uneven Numbers

Having an even number of grooms and bridesmaid is not rule on the 10 wedding commandment tablet. No one will shame you if you have less people in your wedding party than your fiance. There is no need to add that one person from the office that your kinda cool with and you guess they are alright so you'll add them to your wedding party so that you'll have an even number in your wedding party. Invited the number of people you want. Your pictures won't be uglier and your party won't be ruined if you don't have the same amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen.  

Choose People that will be There Long After the Wedding 

When making your list keep in the front of your mind the people that have been there before the engagement and will be there long after your married. Not to sound like your mother, but this includes your siblings too. They will be there for past anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays and will continue to be there for our future ones. 

Trust Your Gut

When you're not sure just trust your gut. Choose the people your heart is drawn to. There is no reason to try to validate why someone should be in your wedding. If you can't image having your wedding without them by your side, that's reason enough.