Hey ladies, want to surprise the boys with something special? How about a cigar bar on his big day. Not only would your guy marvel in how amazing you are, but your guests will have a wedding favor they will never forget.

One way you can feature cigars at your wedding is with a cigar bar, in which cigars are displayed  and are ready to grab and puff. The other way  to have cigars at your wedding is with a cigar roller on site. With the entertainment that comes with watching them be rolled and the celebratory memories that will be shared, this will be a hit on your big day. Cigars are also very easy to become customized in different ways. A sticker on the cigar or a signature blend of tobacco are just two ways that your wedding can become more customized.

If you want to go the extra mile, surprise your soon to be hubby with not only the cigar bar, but pair the station with his favorite whiskey. This is another fun idea to make his day more special.

With these ideas, not only will you earn brownie points from your husband, but also from his friends and guests as well.