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For those that dare to stray away from tradition or just want to be bold and fun on their wedding day, nothing makes a bride look more sophisticated than wearing a non-white wedding dress! It’s your day and wearing any color under the sun will surely make you stand out. This trend became popular when some celebrities started wearing colored wedding dresses on their own special day and designers started adding more color to their wedding gown collection.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to colored dresses. If you still want to stick to a classic theme, a cream, beige, or nude colored dress will work wonders. If you are leaning more towards a romantic vibe, pale pink is the way to go. Blue dresses are perfect for a whimsical type of wedding. Bright and intense colors like yellow, red, or orange will compliment a lively and colorful wedding and make a vibrant statement. For an edgy yet elegant wedding, a black gown will do the job. Whatever colored dress you pick, just make sure it matches the theme of your wedding or at least compliment the colors!

So dare to be different on your wedding day and kick that boring, white dress to the curb! This day only comes once in a lifetime and you deserve to have the spotlight on Y-O-U! So go ahead and get inspired by some of our favorite colored wedding dresses!