1: DIY Gold Dipped Balloons | 2: DIY Splatter Paint Balloons  | 3: Fringe Balloon DIY  | 4: DIY Confetti Balloon Tutorial | 5: Balloon Arch Tutorial | 6: Wood Branch Candle Holder| 7: Mason Jar Candles | 8:  Chalk Board Photo Chalkboard Tutorial   | 9: Martha Stuart Painted Bottles Tutorial Gold Bottle Centerpieces Photo |10: Mirror Writing Tutorial Mirror Menu | 11: DIY Calligraphy Sign | 12:DIY Fabric Ribbon Backdrop Tutorial  |13: Instagram Save the Date | 14: DIY Wedding Getaway Garland | 15:Hanging Frame | 16: DIY Wax Paper Backdrop |Header Photo: Chair Ribbon Tutorial

Planning your big day is definitely a happy thing to do; however, paying for your dream wedding is another thing. From wedding dress to bouquets to wedding favors, everything costs money. Instead of paying for everything on your wedding, there are some things that you can do it on your own easily and still make it looks professional enough. This blog, for your own sake, will share several DIY ideas for wedding invitations, decorations and even wedding centerpieces. A wedding could still be amazing without spending a bunch of money!