When most people think of a wedding cake, they think of a plain white cake with some flowers and simple touches, but your cake is something that you can add flare to go with your theme. You can make it a fun color, add bigger details, and even have a nontraditional flavor.


If you want to have a fun color, you could make your cake a warm color like burgundy and add some gold or beige accents. You can make brown a prominent color and use earthy tones to tie everything together. Another cool color idea is to make your cake ombre.

If you want bigger details, wood accents and big flowers are a good route to go. You can have a wooden cake stand, or even model your cake after a wood stump. Brown vines that look like they are growing up the side of your cake  is another way to make your cake look like fall. It may sound strange, but it is actually looks really cool. This goes along with the earthy tones of fall and makes a bold statement.

For a nontraditional flavored cake, you could have a pumpkin spice or cinnamon apple flavored cake. This incorporates the flavors of fall and will be a pleasant surprise when your guests take a bite.

So when it comes to the cake, go crazy and enhance your theme; you won’t regret it