If you haven’t experienced the delicious adventure of going around this foodie town we call Austin and trying out the many amazing food trucks that we have, then you are definitely missing out! Austin is a bit of a mecca of food trucks. It has taken this popular trend and run with it to a degree of increasing quality and quantity. There are food trucks of all types ranging from sweet treats like donuts and cupcakes to savory foods like thai fried chicken, tacos, kimchi fries, etc.

From this amazing trend to serve food out of trucks popped up another trend…having your wedding catered by a food truck! This can make your wedding be very charming, unique, and fun. Your guests will have a kick at this quirky aspect of your wedding and you can always have the food truck match the theme and/or decorations of your wedding.

There are many ways that you can go about when trying to incorporate a food truck in your wedding. Your food truck could cater the whole reception or you could just have a dessert truck that might serve ice cream, candy, milkshakes, cakeballs, etc. You could have a truck that serves delicious drinks for cocktail hour or just serve appetizers, coffee, etc. Also, at the end of the reception you could use the truck to serve a fun late night snack for your guests before the party is over. Clearly, the possibilities are endless!

While this is a casual, memorable, and budget friendly way to serve your guests, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when having a food truck at your wedding. This trend works great, especially if you’re having a spring or summer wedding so that guests will feel comfortable going outside and getting food. Be aware that no one likes to wait a long time to get their food so make it easier for the food truck cooks and your guests by having a limited menu and having enough trucks for the size of you guest list. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one truck per 75 guests, so make the accommodations as you see fit so that your guests aren’t waiting in line a long time. Also, make sure that you have enough food for all of your guests because some people come to weddings with big appetites!

You have to clear it with your venue that you want a food truck at you wedding to make sure that the truck will be allowed on site, parking space and electricity cords/plugs for it will be available, and that there will be enough space for your guests to line up. Also, don’t forget to check the weather and have a contingency plan if it rains, it’s too hot, or ridiculously windy!

Your wedding is a fantastic day you’ll always remember and if a food truck will make it more special then just know that here at Villa St. Clair we also offer our very own Villa St. Clair food truck that serves food made by our talented chefs that will cater to your heart’s desire! We hope we can make your wedding dreams come true. Now, go have fun with your truck on your big day.