When you’re budgeting for a wedding and accounting for the flowers, centerpieces, catering, music, and alcohol, it’s easy to forget about minor details such as bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. Men, we know you’re all about your “bros,” but you’re probably already past your budget by the time you thinking about groomsmen gifts. Thankfully, we’ve already thought of a number of ideas that won’t make you break the bank.

Personalized flasks

 picture via etsy.com

They’re an easy go-to and are sure to keep your groomsmen entertained! Check out this groomsmen gift website to get personalized flasks for under $20.If you feel like your groomsmen are worth more than $20 and have more room in your budget, you can create a gift box or gift bag to assemble the necessary materials for them to get through the day. We love these cute groomsmen thank you boxes! They’re an easy way to combine a personalized flask, and a few miniature liquor bottles.

Themed Gifts

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If you’re crazy about your wedding theme, it can easily be incorporated into the groomsmen gifts! For a superhero themed wedding party, personalized cuff links would be subtle and classy but fun and unique. AliExpress does them for $4.60 a pair. If your groomsmen have more of a spunky style, superhero socks or a superhero t-shirt under the tuxedo make for an amusing pre-reception photo shoot!

Hangover Kits

 picture via etsy.com

Hangover kits can be given out at the bachelor party or serve as your groomsmen gifts, but we think these rarely thought of kits are essential for the bridal party. Because, let’s be real, after the sentimental tears have been shed during the ceremony, everyone’s main priority will be to make use of the open bar.

Things to include:
•    Cheap plastic sunglasses
•    A bottle of water or a Gatorade
•    A pack of aspirin or ibuprofen
•    Some Band-Aids
•    Cigar
•    A granola bar
•    Pre-bottled Starbucks
•    Gum and mouthwash
•    Bloody Mary mix and vodka bottles
•    Emergen-C packet

Team up with your fiance and get creative designing labels for the different items in the kit; lucky for you, she’ll probably do most of the work!
Remember, nobody knows your groomsmen as well as you do, so personalize the gifts and tailor them to suit the bridal party’s needs, and have fun creating the boxes!