When most of the focus is on your bride the day of your wedding, don’t forget that the day is about you, too! A great way to make the day fun and unique is to take a few nontraditional pictures with you and your groomsmen. Most of the time, these photos are taken while the bride is getting ready before the reception. As a way to cool your nerves and relieve some (likely) stress, consider using these ideas to make the shots memorable!

The Classic Chest Bump

photo via stylemepretty.com

Nothing screams excitement or touchdown more than a chest bump with your bros. Just remember that these can also be painful and are good to rehearse – although most likely, you’ve been doing these your whole life.

Getting Ready 

photo via stylemepretty.com

These can either be funny or serious, depending on your style! One idea is to have your groomsmen help you put on your suit, like how bridesmaids help the bride with her dress. Or, have the groom show off his ring while the groomsmen smile and laugh (another traditional bridesmaid photo). Regardless, the process of getting ready is important to document. A classic shot like the one below is a great idea.

In Style

photo via stylemepretty.com

All jokes aside, this is a big day for you and you need at least one serious photo! Capture your groomsmen head to toe in their dashing outfits – chances are, you aren’t usually dressed this nicely often so it is important to document! In ten years, you may regret only taking goofy pictures. This is a big day for your parents too, so please them (and your bride) by taking this shot!

Jumping for Joy


photo via somethingturquoise.com

Show off your energy and youthfulness by taking pictures mid-air! Be careful not to do anything too crazy – the last thing you’d want is to rip your pants right before the ceremony, or have to take a trip to the hospital. Total buzz kill. 

With Props

photo via slrlounge.com

Throw on some sunglasses, smoke some cigars, or drink beers. If you’re into sports, play a game of catch or throw a football around. This photo could be especially fun if you all attended the same university or played on the same team when you were kids!