How we decide to do our hair each day is a struggle in itself, but how we choose to do our hair on our wedding day is a monumental decision. Every one of us wants to look back on our special day with no regrets. It is important to keep in mind that our hairstyle should not only match the style of our dress, but of our personality too! When choosing our wedding day hairstyle we need to remember that weather conditions can affect the outcome of our hair. If it’s hot and humid outside, an up-do will be sure to hold for the length of the wedding. Another vital element is the time that our hair will be styled. If you plan on curling your hair on the big day, having it done hours before the wedding could lead to disappointing results. However, if you curl your hair minutes before walking down the aisle and you have the right products, your curls will not fall. Here are a few wedding day hair trends that will be sure to impress!


Partially Braided

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Adding an unexpected twist to a classic look is both unexpected and stunning. The braid, or braids, will add texture to your hairstyle. A braid that wraps around your head like a crown creates an elegant look. Intertwining flowers or jewels in your braids is also another option you may like that will add more intricacy.

Chic Bun

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This up-do is both elegant and gorgeous. If you want the focus to be on your dress, styling your hair closer to your face and above your neck will direct attention to the dress you spent so much time finding. Buns and ponytails are a trending style for brides recently. Styling your hair loosely so that it frames your face has a slimming appeal. If you live in a hot climate, wearing your hair up might be the best choice of the day. After all, you want to feel beautiful and radiant all night long!

Hair Down

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Most people don’t think to wear their hair all the way down on their wedding day. Intricately styled hair is gorgeous, but if you feel most beautiful with your hair flowing freely, this simple, yet elegant, hairstyle is for you. The wavy curls add texture and frame your face naturally. People will be drawn to your facial features that will be eloquently highlighted on the big day. Keep in mind that if your dress has a lot of detail you might want to consider a hairstyle that shows off your dress.

Floral Accessories

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Don’t be afraid to add a special touch to your hair! Flowers, jewels, or whatever else you might like, bring attention to your wedding day hairstyle. Whether your style is vintage or glamorous, there are sure to be accessories that appeal to you. If you have a themed wedding you can add details that carry your theme into your hairstyle, for example, adding feathers for an old-fashioned wedding or adding holly berries for a holiday wedding. The options are endless!