Living in a world where social medial is the primary source of communication, a fun way to get great pictures of your special day is using a hashtag. This is a creative and genius idea to save money and capture moments that the photographer may have missed.  It is almost like your everywhere at once!

Now that you have decided that hashtagging is the way to go. It is now time for you to create your hashtag. This can be very fun and a great way to incorporate things about you and your significate other. For example: Mike and Karen love to hike and choose the hashtag #AdventuresofMikeandKaren because they felt like it embodied them as a couple. This type of hashtag could also be carried out through the honeymoon, allowing your guests to see the entire love story all the way to the happy ending.

Hashtags are not for everyone. Yes this is a great way to save money and get good additional photos on the big day, but for those who would like to keep their wedding a bit more private it’s okay to stick to the more traditional way of using just the photographer. You will still get amazing memories from your special day. Also keeping in mind the crowd of guests you will have. Not everyone uses hashtags and technology.

But if you do decide that you would like a hashtag for your wedding here are some tips, so you can get the best results using your hashtag.

Make it easy to remember. That way no one gets it wrong and it’s easy to find via social media.
Before getting too excited about your new hashtag, it is always a good idea is to search that hashtag to make sure it has not been used. That way your wedding photos won’t be mixed in with stranger’s photos and you will be able to enjoy the intimate details of your special day.
Spread the word about your hashtag, the more your guests know the better results you will have. You can also start using your hashtag before the wedding. Include it on your save the dates and other little things like When posting engagement photos, cake tasting or just fun activities with the wedding party. Using the hashtag will get people more familiar with it and easier to refer to on the big day.
Encourage your guests to use it. Having signs and little reminders of the hashtag in different areas of the wedding could help. Also making the signs fun and letting the guest know you appreciate them using it. For example: “We’d love to see the wedding from your eyes”.
At the end of the day it’s your wedding day! And you want to you to remember it in all of its glory. Using hashtags to your advantage can help create great memories, have fun and save money.

Having trouble thinking of a good hashtag? Wedding Hashtag Generator is a helpful sight that will make it a bit easier to decide or at least fuel your thinking tank!

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