Let’s be honest, the best part of the getting married isn’t the wedding; it’s the honeymoon. Sun, sand, and relaxation are the only things newlyweds want to hear after the stress of planning a wedding, but many couples do not have the money to for a lavish trip after paying for their wedding.

ABC’s Shark Tank recently revealed a game changing website for engaged couples everywhere. Honeyfund.com is a website that gives couples the ability to ask their guests to donate to a honeymoon fund instead of or in addition to giving them gifts the day of.

At a low fee couples can register their trip on the site, share it, and at absolutely no fee to the guests they can donate as little or as much as they would like to help fund your honeymoon.

Couples can choose for their guest to pay for different aspects of their honeymoon  such as airfare, couple’s massage, skydiving, or even a bottle of champagne.  Guests can see the cost of each gift just like a registry and donate accordingly to what they want to spend.

You can also use the site to raise money for a down payment on a home or starting a college savings account for a child.

So opt out of that $200 pepper grinder and get a private volcano tour in Hawaii instead.

photo via xinalaniretreat.com