Many couples look for ways to include family traditions not only during the ceremony, but also at the reception. You might be searching for ways to recognize specific family members or merge the your two families together. A great way to do is with the food. Why not include food as a way to honor your family and start a new tradition.   Weather it is with the cocktail hour, the main entree, sides, favors and even a surprise late night snack, having a special meal is a great way to honor both families and or start new tradition. 

Here are a few ideas and ways to honor family and traditions with food. 

Is there a family recipe that everyone enjoys like grandma's apple pie or your aunt's mac and cheese? These are the foods that are only made for special occasions and what is more special than your wedding day. This is a perfect place to honor your family traditions and show of your style. When interview caterers, ask them if they can recreate a family recipe. Most caterers would gladly work with you to make your family recipe prefect for your wedding. 

Are you a BBQ loving queen marrying a Latin lover? Why not fuse the two? Combining two can give your guest an experience they have never had before and make your wedding one of kind.  

Don't want to make your family's food a main dish? Make its a late night snack or wedding favor. It would also be a great idea to give your guest the recipe to your family meal so they can enjoy it at home. You print the recipes on a napkin, a sticker to be put on the box, or some card stock paper for them to take home with them.