A few days before your wedding, chances are your brain is going to be frazzled and overwhelmed with a million details running through your mind. Your final guest list count, décor arrangements, and bridal party information are all you can think about. Even if you are pretty certain that you have remembered everything, here are some vital items that you should cross off your list a few days before your big day:

Your itinerary for the weekend

This should include the arrival times of your bridal party’s flights (if applicable), transportation arrangements and schedule, and road maps for your venue. You never know when you will lose cell signal and need to rely on old-fashioned maps! Make sure to print the itinerary – it is much easier to visually look at the itinerary on large paper rather than a phone screen.

Your wedding dress

Check with your venue to see if you can bring your wedding gown and other items to the venue ahead of time. This way, they will be safe and ready for you to put on. Your bridesmaids should bring their dresses too to avoid wrinkles – borrow a handheld steamer to bring as well.

Honeymoon bags

Print out your airplane tickets, and check into your flights before you arrive at the airport. Don’t forget to check that your passports are current and ready to go! Having these packed a week in advance will stop you from scrambling around stressing about what to bring. Make sure your future hubby has his packed and ready to go – even if he says it’ll only take him a few minutes (we’ve all heard that procrastination excuse).

Have your marriage license

Your officiant cannot legally marry you two without this important document!

Call your vendor

Most likely everything is set in place, but call to double check that you have paid off your final balance and that that they do not need any more information (like an emergency phone number) from you before the wedding.

Check transportation plans

Although it is already included in your itinerary, make sure that the bridal party and groomsmen have arranged a safe ride to and from the wedding. If you rented a limo, make sure that you have the driver’s number and confirmed the reservation. Use the same policy if you rented a party or greyhound bus for guests.

Gift taker

Have a designated person (most likely a family member) who is willing to transport your wedding gifts to their home, or preferably yours.


Arguably one of the most important factors, check that your itinerary includes meals for the weekend. These can be planned in advance by having restaurants cater to your house to save time and stress! Large breakfast platters for your wedding day can also be purchased from most grocery stores or breakfast restaurants like Einstein Bagels.