When you imagine the lighting at your wedding you typically think of candles, lots and lots of candles. But recently new ways of lighting up the night has begun trending. Some of the special lighting effects include hanging Edison Bulbs, bark luminaries, and marquee letters.

photo via stylemepretty.com

For a more vintage style wedding, hanging Edison bulbs above the head table or the reception area adds a unique flare that will surely to make your wedding memorable. This type of lighting takes your guests back in time and gives the evening a warm and cozy setting.

photo via weddbook.com

If your ideal wedding takes place outside or in a more natural setting, bark luminaries bring a rustic feel to the overall atmosphere. There are many different options when it comes to bark luminaries; you can have hearts carved into them or possibly you and your groom’s initials. Paying special attention to the small details of your wedding will make a big difference.

photo via ruffledblog.com

Marquee lettering is another new trend that is becoming more and more popular. This type of lighting can be used in almost any wedding theme, from whimsical to romantic. These light up letters are sure to have a special effect on the unforgettable night! Not to mention marquee letters give your guests a glamorous photo opportunity, and would make for beautiful portraits of the bride and groom.