When you're the maid of honor, you may not think about the small tasks that you will have to do leading up to and at the wedding. You are the bride’s right-hand (wo)man. Anything she needs, you should be there to do it!

Make sure you can tie a bow. I know this may seem silly, but chances are, there will be something that needs to be tied. If she has a belt, it will be pictured many times throughout the day, so the bow needs to be perfect! If you need help with how to tie one, look up videos on YouTube and watch them while you follow along with ribbon in your hand.

You need to be able to make a drink; whatever drink she wants while getting ready, you will be in charge of making. Know how to make simple things, like mimosas, bloody marys, and of course whatever her favorite drink is. This will ensure that she will stay happy, along with everyone else that you make drinks for!

You will have to be able to manage all of the bridesmaids. Yes, some of them will need more managing than others, so you will have to get to know them a little better in order to know the best way to communicate with everyone. You will have to coordinate the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal, etc. with the bridesmaids so that the bride won’t have the added stress of doing it, so that is an important skill!

With Pinterest becoming more popular, you will probably have to have some crafting skills to assist with DIY projects. Make yourself available to help with any of her Pinterest-inspired ideas. You can do this in any capacity, whether you can actually help her make things, or just pin things to an inspiration board; just do what you can!

The best maid of honor is the one who can stay cool under pressure. There will be times when everything is hectic and the bride might start to get worked up, but if you can stay calm, it will really help her to relax. Don’t let the little hiccups become a big deal, and if a problem arises and she doesn’t need to know about it, don’t tell her; just fix it!