Do you have a little furry friend that you just can’t leave behind on your wedding day? Did your fiancé surprise you with a puppy at your proposal? Chances are, you’re looking for a way to have your best friend be there by your side.  Here’s how to include your furry friend on your special day.

1.    Have your fuzzy baby at the proposal so that the whole family will be there to celebrate. Not to mention the opportunity to take pictures of your pet looking dashing. Pets are like your babies, after all.

2.    Include them in your engagement photos: if it’s too hard to bring your animal to the venue, having them in your engagement photos is a great way to include them. Your pet does everything with you, so obviously you have to include them in your engagements!

3.    Walk him or her down the aisle: No ring bearer? No problem! Have your florist create a leash and collar that will steal the show. Your guests are sure to melt over how adorable your fur baby is walking down the aisle.

4.    In your wedding pictures: what better way to snapshot your family than to take pictures including your pet? Use treats and members of the wedding party to help them pose for the camera and laugh at all of the candids!