When it comes to your meal service, how do you choose from buffet meal, plated meal, family style meal on the big day. So much planning goes into a wedding celebration, from flowers, entertainment, food, and much more! Often time when we meet with our brides and grooms the number one question is what style of service works best for me? Lucky for you, I am here  to break down three most popular styles of service. 

Buffet Style Meal

This style of meal if done correctly can be a crowd pleaser; it is also really good for a simpler meal. A buffet style does not require a seating chart and the meal works really well for a medium size guests list 100 to 200. The buffet is usually placed out of site but not too far from the main reception area, that way your guests don’t have too far to travel with their plate of food. Typically your day of coordinator will dismiss each table two at a time, making for a fast and smooth moving line. In our experience a buffet style service takes on average 15 to 20 minutes for all of your guest to get thru the line.

Plated Meal

A plated meal will make your wedding seem more formal. This style service may require a seating chart to ensure your guests get the proper meal. A fully plated meal usually consists of an appetizer, salad or soup and a main course. This style of service will take some work. On your invitations, you will need to include the options for meats; for example, chicken, beef, fish, and vegetarian should be on the R.S.V.P card. This will ensure what each guests are having and the  number of meals. Once the R.S.V.P are tallied and all the meals are accounted for, you can turn that numbers into your caterer. Next you will need to create a seating chart with each guests and the meal they chose, this step is very important to make sure everyone gets the meal they R.S.V.P. for.  All your guests have to do is sit back, relax and let the food come to them.

Family Style

Family style meal service is the best of both worlds between a buffet meal and plated meal. This meal service consists of large platters of food being brought to your table as guests are pass them around and serve themselves. This meal service is fast and is an easy way to serve all your guests at the same time. This is a great fun way for guests to interact with one another and let them select what they want to eat for themselves.