Not Putting Yourself First

Before you take any advice from your friends and family, before you buy your first wedding magazine, before you dive into the black hole we call Pinterest, you and your fiancé should talk about what you envision for your wedding. You should have a “must have” list and “don’t want” list before you start wedding planning. After making this list, it will be easier to figure out everything else from there. 

Considering Your Guest

After you have decided what you want for your wedding, the next person you should consider are your guest. Many of your friend and family may have traveled pretty far and spent a considerable amount of money to come to your wedding. It is important to make sure they are comfortable. Make sure that they know where they going. Provide maps or even plan transportation for them from their hotel to the ceremony. Offer things for them to do in their down time and always make sure they are feed. 

Buying Your Gown or Suit Before Choosing the Venue

You should make sure you when and where you are having your wedding before you decide on what you will wear. You may have bought a ball gown dress thinking you were getting married in the winter at the Driskill and end up having your wedding during the summer outside.

Ruling Out a Wedding Planner

Many people are capable of planning a wedding themselves, but it is always nice to leave the small details to someone else. Instead of having a wedding planner during your whole planning experience, you can hire one for the week of or day of your wedding. This will allow you to relax and connect with your friends and family instead of dealing with all of those minor unforeseen circumstances. 

Not Saying "Hello" to all of Your Guest

With all of your friends and family there to congratulate you on your new life together with your now spouse, the least you can do is make sure you tell them hi. You should make it a point to have some time during your reception to circulate through the room and mingle with your guest. 

Forgetting to Schedule Time to Eat

You wedding day will be one of the best, but longest days of your life. It is important that you and your bridal party eat a filling meal before your wedding. You will be busy taking pictures, seeing family, and marrying the love of your life and it will seem miserable if you have to do all of this feel hungry and light-headed. 

Being too DIY-Happy

It can be fun and budget friendly to do a lot of the decor yourself, but this also means you are responsible for arranging these centerpieces and making sure they get to the venue the day of your wedding. Instead of running around like a madman before your wedding, you could hire a professional and spend the day relaxing with your close friends and family.  

Not Having Enough Time For Hair and Makeup

It is important that you carve out enough time to get ready for your wedding. Getting ready for you wedding can be a fun and enjoyable experience, but when you become short on time it adds pressure to everyone involved to catch up. Make sure you talk to you hair and make-up professional about where you want to get ready (if it’s at the venue or you will have to travel), how many people they will be working on, and what style you are going for. This will help your hair and make-up team give you a good estimate on how long it will take them to make you prefect for your big day. 

Not Doing Any Floral Research

Before you go to your florist and demand you want peonies and lilies on every table, it would help to do some research. Learning when flowers are in season can help with your budget. Realizing that your hydrangeas will probably wilt after a couple hours at your outdoor summer wedding is a nice thing to know ahead of time. Learning that flowers with heavy scents like baby’s breath can overpower the scent of your food may make you think twice about having them. A little research and listening to your florist can help make your wedding décor everything you dreamed it would be. 

Inviting Non-Wedding Guests to Your Pre-Wedding Parties

Having showers, bachelor, and bachelorette parties can be great fun and build up to your wedding. These occasions are best shared with the people that are close with. It would be very awkward if someone was invited to your shower and not to your wedding. The only exceptions to this is things like a workplace or church shower in which a large group of people contribute to celebrate your upcoming marriage.