There are infinite options when it comes to centerpieces, and contrary to popular belief, flowers aren't a must! Whether its the cost of the flowers that you're worried about, or you just don’t like a lot of flowers, I’ve got you covered. Here are some fun centerpiece ideas that don’t include flowers.


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Lanterns are an awesome decoration that also serve as a source of lighting. By using lanterns with votives inside of them, you can light up the table and make it look good without the cost of flowers. Along with the lantern, place votives around the center of the table to add more lighting and make the space more full. Make sure to have a runner on the table that coordinates with the lantern that you choose; this will help tie the look together. You can also add items that go with your theme; if you're having a beach wedding, add some seashells or starfish around the lantern to complete the look.


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Another unique option is chopped up logs as centerpieces. No matter the season, this is a great look and if you can find pieces over time leading up to your wedding, it is also pretty inexpensive! Any time you are out in an area with trees, look on the ground for any logs that might be laying around; this makes them free! What’s better than free?! Add some votives on top of, and around the logs and depending on the season, you could add some pinecones as well. 

Wooden Crates


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Wooden crates are another great idea for centerpieces. First, you can choose what size crates you want to have, and then you can choose what you want to put inside of them. Depending on your theme, you could put different decorations inside, like cranberries for a fall or winter wedding, or jars with beads inside. Mix in some votives and tie in a table runner to complete the look!