Be Sure that Eloping is What You Want to Do

There are many good reasons to elope. You may not want to have a big fuss about getting married, you may not like the idea of weddings, or you may want to start your new lives together just with just the two of you. All of these reasons and more are good reasons to elope, but if you are feeling pressured this decision can be a hard one. If your reason to elope is because of monetary concerns or pressure from family members, it is essential that you sit down with your soon to be spouse and discuss what is important for your wedding instead of deciding to run away from your problems. If you want a real wedding, you should have one, but if you both agree that eloping is what you want then go for it. 

Let People Know You Are Eloping

Telling your friends and family about you eloping can cause a lot of disappointment, but it is important of inform them before they learn about it on their newsfeed. Take the time to tell the people who would have been invited to your wedding about your decision and don't feel the need to rationalize your decision. Your friends and family may be disheartened by your choice to elope, but it is worth letting your friends know why an elopement is right for you. 

Planning Your Elopement

Once you have decided that you will elope, it is now time for you to plan your elopement. After setting a date, you will need to apply for a marriage license. Each state requires different documents, so make sure you have all of the necessary paper work. It is also important to attain the marriage licence leading up to your elopement date. You should also decide where you want to elope. Whether its a local park or remote getaway, make sure that book your place and a justice of the peace in advance. Another thing to consider is having a photographer. Sharing photos of your elope with your friends and family is a great way to let them experience they day without be there. You may be inclined not to have a photographer, but having your elopement documented by an experienced photographer is one thing you will never regret

Coming Home Celebration 

If you don't want you friends and family to feel left out, have a post-wedding party to celebrated your marriage with them. This can be an upscale cocktail party and a backyard bash. This is also a great time to give up the reigns and let whoever you want plan the event. Just show up and enjoy the party.