With each new season, comes new wedding trends and colors. Here are some of the most popular wedding colors by season.


photo via weddingcolors.net

The most popular color scheme for winter weddings is shades of blue, gold, and silver. Because of the time of year, gold and silver are popular because they are reminiscent of the holidays without being explicitly green and red. Navy is a good dark color that gives off a winter wonderland look. Add in white decorations and it looks like snow! If you want the navy, but not the metallic colors, you can add neutrals in with it to keep it more tame.


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Shades of pink are popular for spring weddings, since the weather begins to allow for outdoor weddings. Schemes tend to reflect the flowers that are beginning to bloom and a lot more flowers are used in general. Pastels are also common at this time of year, like light blue and peach, mint, or lavender. Light, soft touches accentuate the pastels and make for a beautiful spring wedding.


photo via onefabday.com

Bright colors are common in the summer. Mixing coral and blue is a hot summer look that carries over from spring, as well! A fun themed wedding for the summer is red, white, and blue. You can bring in patriotic elements all over and tie it together with a sparkler send off.


photo via junebugweddings.com

Popular colors for fall are rich and dark to reflect the changing colors of the leaves. Burgundy, red, and orange hues make for a warm, cozy wedding. If you want to add some fun flare, you can pair these colors with gold and get a shimmery look. There are many holidays around this time of the year, so you can use them as your color inspiration. For example, if you want to have a Thanksgiving-themed wedding, use the red and orange colors paired with pumpkins and leaves.