You and your fiancé are close with everyone in your wedding party, but how do you get them all to bond with each other before the big day? Easy! Get everyone together for a great time!

Have a potluck

Invite everyone in the wedding party over for a meet-and-greet, and ask them to bring their favorite dish. You can create a food list so that everyone can keep track of what items have been claimed, and you can plan a few activities to help everyone get to know each other better. By the end of it, everyone will feel more comfortable with each other and your wedding day is bound to be even better.

Have a “field day”

Find a park that you can set up at, and make sure there is plenty of room for activities! You can organize a game of kickball or soccer and divide the wedding party into two teams. Let everyone’s competitive side come out and have a lot of fun with it! A three-legged race is also a fun activity from childhood that everyone is sure to love! If you really want things to get messy, have an egg toss or play fill-the-bucket. There’s nothing that will help people bond more than a little competition. Bring food to barbecue and have a fun, relaxed time.

Have a movie night

To keep costs down, you could have a movie night at your place as opposed to going out to a theater and having everyone spend money on tickets, popcorn, candy, etc. Find a classic movie on Netflix, or go to Redbox and find a recent movie that everyone is sure to love. Pop some popcorn, make some appetizers, and of course have plenty of drinks to go around! When the movie is over, hang out and let everyone get to know each other while the snack and sip on drinks.

Float the river

There’s nothing better than floating the river with your close friends and some good beer. Organize a group trip to the river and relax while you and your entire wedding party float your cares away. By the end, everyone will have a fun memory to look back on at the wedding.


Let’s be honest, you’re going to be stressed out from all of the wedding planning and paintball is the best way to relieve that stress! Get your whole group together for a fun day, and split the group in half. Let the games begin and have a great time!