Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you should do something yourself, or have someone else create the product you are looking for. In the event of a wedding, choosing to use a professional can alter your budget and the time spent in preparation for the big day. Certainly there are aspects of your wedding that you can do yourself – however, in some situations, it is necessary to let a professional take care of it.


These can go both ways. If your centerpieces do not involve flowers, chances are you can create the look yourself. Some examples are sparkly wine bottles, tiers of candles, or rustic logs cut in small pieces. But, if you are using flowers, we strongly suggest that you let the professionals order and create the designs. A florist professional knows exactly what type of flowers to order depending on the season, who to order them from, and how to arrange them. Plus, they are more equipped to handle mini disasters and usually have years of experience.

Hair and makeup

Ladies, unless you have practiced your hair and makeup ahead of time, you should plan on booking a professional (or two) for you and your bridal party. Even if you are skilled in that department, you do not want to be running around on the day of your wedding helping your bridesmaids with their hair! You will want to sit down, relax, and enjoy the treat of having someone do your hair and makeup for you. Plus, professionals will be able to achieve a look that will last all night.


You may be great at creating a playlist for a dinner party or a long car ride, but your wedding is a special event that requires a professional DJ. Putting your phone on shuffle will likely not cut it – a professional will know how to stop and start the music for entrances and toasts, and they will be able to sense the crowd and pick the right music. Also, they should come with all the equipment necessary, like large speakers and microphones, to make the night easier for you.

Bartenders and servers

This is another category that you need professionals for. Even if your meal is buffet-style, you need servers to keep your event classy and dirty plate free. You might be tempted to have your young cousins as waiters, but this will only create chaos (and broken plates) at dinner.

Overall, think about your budget and time commitment before deciding to DIY for your wedding. If you do decide to tackle projects, do them months in advance so that your bridesmaids are not helping you hot glue sequins and decorations the day before your wedding! When in doubt, hire a professional.