Have you figured out the way to make your girl memorize this big time for the rest of her life? Let’s be honest. Wedding proposal is probably one of the biggest difficulties that guys have faced in their life. After all, getting to understand the complicated mind of “woman beings” is such a huge mission by itself. But, no worries! This post will be your wedding bible that makes your proposal the easiest thing ever. Here, several amazing wedding proposals will be proposed by looking at different types of girls. Hopefully, your proposal story will be told around to your family and friends for rest of your life with no shame. 

Is she a cute little princess?

If she has a cute personality, she might also be dreaming of her other half to do a very warm and sweet proposal- something that matches her personality. In this case, flash mob might be the cutest way to “pop the question. Flash mob can simply bring up the atmosphere with music and dance. It would be best when family and friend join the mob too!

Here’s an example of Japanese guy proposing to her girlfriend:

Or this the larger-scale flash mob:

With your effort and the large group of people witnessing, I’m sure no girl would say no.

Is she a queen of romance?

If your girlfriend seems to be more romantic, it might be better to make the proposal just between you and her, without any other people joining the event. Besides having classic proposals in expensive restaurants, doing proposal at beach could be as romantic and creative.

photo via itserinjames.com

Romantic elements such as roses pedals, candles and balloons could be incorporated into the proposal.


Is she a fun-seeker?

If you want your girl to “be engaged” in the proposal event, you might want to make your proposal a game. This way, both you and your girl will have fun and you will probably be less nervous than otherwise you might be.

Scavenger Hunt? Why not!

She will have so much fun while she is looking for clues and completing her missions. Both of you put in effort to make this proposal happen.

Online-game lover? 

Either online or off line game could be a good tool for your proposal. Proposal can be something that not only entertain her but also engage her.

Does she love simplicity?

Do not be restricted to the idea that you have to do a huge proposal. Proposal can be done simply at home or wherever you are. In fact, some girls do not like their story to be told everywhere. They want privacy. You can propose while you are watching TV, cooking at home, or even while you are drinking coffee!

It is going to be the last cup of coffee for her single life!

You can also write and sing a song that is for her!


Food decoration is a good idea to surprise your soulmate.


Now, after looking at all the suggestions, do you get an idea of what kind of proposal would make your girl say “Yes, I do”? Remember that even though a proposal event is important, nothing is comparable to your truthful heart.