The traditional gift for the first year of marriage is paper, now what can you give to your spouse that is paper and has meaning? The idea I came up with was a cookbook, with the recipe of your wedding meal. So with a little help from my wedding cater, I typed up each recipes from appetizers to main meal. I decided not to stop there; I recreated the whole meal from start to finish for our one year anniversary. Our wedding meal was simple and easy for me to recreate, if you are not comfortable in the kitchen give your caterer a call and ask them to prepare the meal for you. This completely impressed my husband and I saved the actual gift (the cookbook) for after the meal. Don’t forget to thaw your anniversary cake, our cake artist offered to make us a fresh cake for our one year anniversary all I had to do is call 2 weeks ahead of time. When I gave my husband the cookbook and explained that the traditional gift was paper! What a clever and fun way to celebrate your first year of marriage? Now we have the start of a cookbook we get to add recipes to together. We look forward to add recipes to this book throughout the years and hand it down to our kids and they can add to it and who knows maybe their wedding meal will be their first entry.