Spring brides, we envy you. Not only are you getting married during one of the prettiest times of the year, but the most popular wedding flowers are also going to be in season. This means you will have a easier time finding some of your favorite flowers and save you the cost of buying them during the off-season. 

Here are 5 spring flowers that will do perfect for your spring wedding. 


photo via greenweddingshoes.com

Ranunculus are the definition of a spring flower. Coming in a variety of rainbow colors, these flowers are characterized by there sometimes dense tightly packed petals. Ranunculus are perfect for if you are going for a whimsical, elegant wedding. 


photo via jessicaholdenphotography.com

Peonies have and will always be an all-time favorite among brides. Its large fluffy bloom, softness, and texture make it a classic. 


photo via thepinkpagoda.us

Tulips are a classic springtime flower. This flower has a varieties of bright colors and textures like fringed, variegated, and frilly. Its great versatile makes it work for both a rustic wedding to  a minimalist modern wedding. 

Snap Dragon

photo via adayinthelifeofcatherine.tumblr.com

Snap dragon are named after its whimsy jaw-like petals that look resemble a Chinese Dragon.  It can be use to tie in an arrangement, but also look great by itself. Its comes in a many shades of pink, red, purple, and also white. 


photo via deerpearlflowers.com

Protea is this year’s trending spring flower. You won’t need to add much to make this flower pop.