After spending the ceremony half-breathing in your gorgeous wedding gown, you may want to change into a different dress that is still classy but also comfortable and easier to dance in! If there is room in your budget, this is the option to go for. Or, perhaps you want to wow your guests with a second, equally stunning gown. Whatever the circumstances, there are a few factors to consider when choosing your second (or third) dress for the evening.

First, the season when your wedding takes place may dictate the length of your second dress. In the summer, a shorter and looser dress will make you less likely to break a sweat on the dance floor. Likewise, if it is 40 degrees outside, you might want to opt for sleeves. Another variable is your venue. If you are having your ceremony and reception in a barn or grassy area, make sure that your dress is easy to move around in and will not get caught on the ground. 

If you plan on dancing the night away, practice lifting your hands above your head while trying on your dress. This will check that the dress does not slip off or fall down. Regarding accessories, the choice is up to you whether or not you want a second set for your second dress. If you are going for the wow factor, you may want to purchase different accessories as well. An easily overlooked factor is your shoes! They may be the right height and style for your ceremony gown, but be too tall or short for your second dress. If you are going from a long to short dress, make sure that your shoes match your second outfit because they will definitely be seen!

When taking photos with your professional photographer, make sure that you are in your formal attire first. You and your husband can always take more photos during the reception in your second dress, but it is important to take formal photos in your first dress (especially if your parents paid for the gown!). 

Ultimately, you should feel comfortable and beautiful in your outfits for the biggest night of your life. If the dress is too heavy or not the right length, you may get stressed! Remember that purchasing two dresses could also double the alterations cost. Make sure you give yourself enough time to purchase the dresses so that you are not freaking out a few weeks before your wedding!