It’s that time of the year again. The sun is blazing, and we are all left to trying not to melt as the days get hotter and hotter. Summer brings with it more possibilities and slight challenges in a wedding. Here are some fun ideas that will make your wedding a unique success and will guarantee your guests having a fantastic time.

 Drink Station


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What better way for people to quench their thirst and keep cool at the wedding than with a drink station?! There are so many different ways that you can have a drink station. It could be a mimosa bar, sangria bar, iced tea, champagne, and even just simple water, lemonade, and juices. The guests will love having an interesting way of drinking and having options, while keeping dehydration away on a hot summer day.

Frozen Sweat Treats


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Another fun way to keep cool, entertain guests, and keep them fed and happy with a cute snack is by having frozen sweet treats on your day. You could have a fun ice cream bar with lots of options and toppings. Fruit popsicles would be a great idea, as well. Just make sure you have a contingency plan if it all starts to melt fast, considering how hot it can get this season. Plan and prepare so that everyone can enjoy these treats without it all becoming a melted mess.

Casual (hopefully not sweaty) Wedding Outfits


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Summer usually ends up giving us some of the prettiest days of the year, so a lot of weddings end up taking place outside. Yet, nothing is worse than feeling sweaty and gross with your dress clinging to your skin on your wedding day with the added possibility of having your makeup be ruined and your hair going limp. A good way to avoid getting overheated on your day is to dress more casually or at least in a way that will make you be less sweaty if the weather starts acting up. Having a dress that is backless, has short sleeves, is short, and or is made out of light fabric will help you stay cool. The groom and his groomsmen could opt for light colors and shorts instead of the traditional black tux.

Wedding Favors


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Lastly, this season lets you have a lot of fun with the favors that you can give to your guests. They can also be easy to make and/or super affordable. Your guests will enjoy some fun sunglasses because who doesn’t love or need fun sunglasses? You could also buy all of the ingredients for s’mores and put them in cute bags or buy some seasonal fruits or even small flower bouquets and put them in bags for your guests. Parasols would also be perfect on a hot summer day wedding, so your guests can shield themselves from the sun. The limit does not exist with what you can do with favors in the summer!

We hope these ideas inspire you on all the unique summer aspects that you can add to your big day. Hopefully, it won’t be too overwhelmingly hot, but even if it is just roll with the punches and remember that it’s all about you and your other half finally being united and living happily ever after.