It’s about that time when the weather’s getting warmer and the drinks are getting cooler! Skip the open bar and keep your guests refreshed with some of these signature drink choices.

Frozen Watermelon Margarita

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Remember spending your summers with sticky fingers from drippy watermelon juice? Relive those childhood memories (minus the stickiness) with an adult twist! Frozen watermelon margaritas are a sweet signature drink that will give your guests a quick refresher during warm, outdoor ceremonies or receptions. Find this tasty drink recipe here.

Raspberry Arnold Palmer

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Bring the best of both worlds together with this twist on the classic Arnold Palmer. Add some raspberries and a splash of vodka to make this favorite your next signature drink! The raspberries make a fun garnish, and you can even add some basil or mint leaves to enhance that fresh taste. You can find the recipe for this drink here.

Classic Champagne Cocktail

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If you’re looking for less of a fruity drink, go for the classic champagne cocktail! This recipe is quick and easy to serve either a small or large amount of guests. Serve these drinks chilled and garnish the flutes with a fun paper straw, a gold sugar rim, or add an orange twist during cocktail hour!

Blueberry Mojito

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You can find the perfect mix of tart, sweet and minty in this delightful concoction! The varieties of flavors in this blueberry mojito are made to beat the heat for your summer wedding. The blueberry skewers included in this recipe add the perfect touch to this drink. Find how to make this your signature drink here!

 Tequila Sunrise

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If you want a drink that just screams summertime a peach tequila sunrise is for you. Not only does this look like one of the prettiest cocktails you’ve ever seen, but it is also one of the most delicious. You can garnish this drink with some peaches and a fresh sprig of mint and your guest will be raving for more. Check out to make this cocktail here.


 Go The Extra Mile: Finishing Touches On Your Signature Drinks 

If you’ve already chosen your signature drinks and are ready to get your party started, check out these simple ways to accessorize your guests’ glasses!


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Adding a personalized touch to your wedding can make the biggest difference in your guests’ experience. Thank them with a coaster reminder they can use while sipping on your signature drinks!

Drink Tag

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Drink tags are a simple way to keep your glasses from looking boring! Tie them onto glasses with lace or a chunky ribbon, and you’re set!

Straws and Stir Sticks

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Set these paper straws and drink stirrers out and let your guests enjoy their signature drinks with these small accessories!

Personalized Labels

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To really give your guests a signature drink they’ll never forget, bottle it up and top it off with a personalized label they’ll love!