Table numbers are important at your wedding, and you want to make sure that they look good since everyone will be looking at them. So, here are some great ideas to point you in the right direction.

Wine Bottles

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There are several ways that you can use wine bottles for your table numbers. You can have labels made that go directly on the empty bottle along with decorations to tie your theme in. Another way to use wine bottles is to have unopened bottles with hanging tags that display the table number. This way, once everyone has sat down at the table, they can open the bottle and enjoy the wine.


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A fun idea to add a personal touch to your table numbers is to take pictures with big numbers while doing your engagement shoot. Each picture can then be placed at its corresponding table and your guests will love that their table gets a special picture of the two of you. Another way to use pictures of the two of you is to just use some of your engagement shots, and print numbers over them. This allows you to use the personal photos without having to pose with big numbers during your engagement shoot.

Frames and Script

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A simple, classy way to display your table numbers is to pick a font and print out the numbers. Then, choose frames for each table and frame the papers with the numbers on them. It looks expensive, but it really isn’t at all. You can also just buy script table numbers and just stake them into your centerpieces. This way, you don’t have one more thing cluttering up the table.


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There are many creative ways to display your table numbers. A great way is to incorporate the numbers with your theme. Give the numbers your own personal touch that will surely impress your guest.