So you and your fiance have decided to write your own vows and you have no clue where to even start. Well here are some things to think about when you are writing your vows. 

Find Inspiration

When looking for inspiration for your wedding vows, first start with your future spouse. Because this is a proclamation of your love for them, it would make sense to use him or her as your main source of inspiration. Start carrying around a notebook and write down the things that you love most about your significant other. Whether it's that they never get your coffee order wrong or how their face lights up when they tell you about their day, make notes about of these characteristics and habits that make up who they are. After a while you will have a note full of big and small moments that will help you write your vows. 

After taking notes about your fiance do some love research. Read some romance novel. Watch your favorite romantic comedies. It never hurts to have some famous references in your speech. 

You should also talk to your favorite couples and get advice from them. Ask them what they have learned from being married and things they wish they never to help you come up with more material for you vows.  

Consider Your Audience 

Before you start writing your speech, think about the people that will be at your wedding. Avoid sharing potentially embarrassing stories and do not say anything that you wouldn't say to your grandmother. 

Mean Every Word You Say

As you are finishing your vows, read over it and make sure that you mean every single word that you wrote. Your fiance will remember these words for the rest of their life. Do not say anything you don't mean. Do not say something jokingly. Do not make promises that you are not 100% sure you can keep. Make sure that if you said these words to your future spouse 20 years from now, everything will still hold true. 

Be You

Keep your vows true to who your are as an individual and a couple. There is no need to be something that your are not. There is no need to try and impress your guest. Just treat your vows as a conversation between you and your fiance and act accordingly. If you usually silly with each other then be silly. Just remember to be yourself.


After finding all of the right words, write it down and keep it handy. Do not try to memorize it. You may get emotion and cry and forget what comes next in your speech. Keep you speech on you and remember to practice your vows. You have worked so hard on this and the last thing you want is to fumble your way through it, so practice and everyone will be impressed.