Ask yourself this question then give yourself a moderate amount of time to think about it…

“Would I trash my wedding dress?”

If you’re answer is “yes,” then we’re done here (please take pictures of the trashing!).

If you’re answer is “no,” please read further.

I understand where the “no” answer is coming from, because that was my initial thought also. Why on earth would you want to romp around doing Heaven knows what, in your special dress that you probably spent a thousand plus dollars on? Throw in the special memories factor and my firm, first answer of, “no” turned into an adamant “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” I was quite happy to move on with this decision until my mind shifted to the alternative…storage (dun, dun duuuuun!). Most every married lady that I know has her wedding dress in her’s, or someone else’s closet. Seemingly, women have saved their dress for their daughter to possibly wear for her wedding, but trends change so much from one generation to the next that your style will most likely not be your daughters (if we are being honest, it’s probably not yours anymore either). Let’s take a look…

 My mother’s dress                                                                               The dress I want

Yes, the one of the right is the Vera Wang, that Kate Hudson wore in the 2009 film, Bride Wars. I fell in love and haven’t looked back. Anyway, my mother’s dress is a tad bit hard to see, but the major differences between the two are obvious. Trends fluctuate from generation to generation that even if your daughter was to wear your dress, you cannot possibly believe that she wouldn’t want to change anything about it. Most dresses that are re-worn undergo heavy duty demolition and reconstruction. From my experience (DISCLAIMER: my experience lies solely with TLC’s show “Something Borrowed, Something New”), the resulting garment almost always looks totally different, like a whole new gown. The point is, don’t keep from trashing your dress because you’re saving it for your little girl.

My second argument lies within the definition of “trashing.” You don’t have to ruin your dress to consider it “trashed.” If rolling around in the mud isn’t your thing, don’t do it. If covering yourself with colorful paint is, go for it. Find something that you enjoy and do it in your dress. I consider trashing to be more of a second time use, mostly. Ideally, I would love to go swimming in my not-existent-yet dress. I understand that a very sturdy life vest will most likely be in order, and that the enjoyment of swimming with a lot of extra weight will only be short lived, but hey, why not?

You can even go with your man, like the couple pictured below. They look to be in a tropical area, but if you’re a financially needy, Texas girl (like me), I would head to Austin/surrounding area and find a small cliff to jump off of. Jacob’s Well is where I would/want to go.