We’ve all seen the classic unity candle and unity sand ceremonies. Lots of couples want to perform some sort of ceremony to show their family and friends how dedicated and in love they are without having the cliché classics. If you are looking for some alternatives to sand and candles, look no further! Here are some symbolic and special ceremonies to show your guests just how much you love each other.


Tying the Knot


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This unique unity ceremony allows you to have a physical representation of your love for years to come. At the ceremony, you literally tie a knot in these strings. Each year on your anniversary, you add a knot to the building tapestry. When you grow old together, you will have this beautiful collection of knots that represent your unfailing love and the life you have led together.

Planting a Tree

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This unity ceremony is unique because it brings together two families in a different way and allows them to grow together. The bride and groom each bring some soil from each of their hometowns and place it in the same pot to fertilize a tree. This gives the tree the opportunity to use parts of the bride and groom in order to grow in love, much like marriage! This is something that could be placed in the couples first home together and can grow alongside the newlyweds.

Using Paint

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There are a few different ways you can use paint to create a memorable unity canvas to hang in your home for years to come. Use a different color for the bride and groom but find a way to mix them together. Whether that is making a colorful heart or creatively pouring it down the canvas, the colors will be forever mixed, unable to be separated. This symbolizes the everlasting love of a marriage and by representing this on a canvas, you will be able to showcase it in your home for the rest of your lives.

Wine Ceremony

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 This ceremony is a symbolic way to create your first drink as a married couple. The red wine is meant to symbolize good health and passionate love while the white wine is meant to symbolize longevity and strength. By combining these four things, you have a strong start to your marriage. At the ceremony, you mix these together and enjoy it at your reception as your first toast. This symbolizes mixing the various aspects of your lives to create one cohesive and beautiful life together.

Love Letters in a Box

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This unconventional unity ceremony is perfect for a rainy day. Both the bride and groom write a love letter to each other and stick them in a box. They could include a bottle of wine as well! Once everything is in the box, they nail it shut. When the couple has a particularly difficult day in their marriage, they can bring out this box, read the love letters, drink the wine, and remember just how much they love each other. This is unlike other unity ceremonies because it does not symbolize the couple’s life together. Instead, it gives the newlyweds and opportunity to come together at a later time when they truly need it.

Unity Cross

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For couples that are looking for a more religious based unity ceremony, the unity cross is perfect. This ceremony is filled with symbolism. The inside area of the cross symbolizes the woman. The outer area of the cross symbolizes the man. The three pins on the two sides of the cross and the top are meant to symbolize the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three pins hold the inner and outer cross together, symbolizing Christ binding the relationship. This meaningful cross can be kept as house décor as well to show all your guests the dedication and love found in your marriage.

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