Booking a venue is one the biggest hurdle when planning your wedding. After you have booked your venue it becomes smooth sailing. But before you sign on the dot, here are some questions to ask our venue to make sure you and your venue are a great fit.

Is our wedding date available?

Will there be any other wedding happening on the same date?

How many hours do we get with our rental?

How many people can your space hold?

Is there enough parking?

Do you provide any tables and chair?

Do you provide linens?

Do you provide china and silverware?

Do you have rules when it comes to decoration?

Can I use any vendor?

When can we set up for the wedding?

Who is responsible for set up and clean up?

Can we get ready there the day of our wedding?

What is your pricing for alcohol?

How much is the rental?

How much is the deposit?

What are your payment terms?

What is your cancellation policy?

When do we need to give you our final numbers?