Technology has come leaps and bounds over the last few decades. There are thousands of ways to connect to others around you and countless apps to help you out in your every day life. Your wedding is no exception! We’ve compiled a list of easy to use applications you can download to help you on your special day!


WeddingHappy is your go to app for planning your wedding. Figure out the date of your wedding and the app will help with the rest! When you type in your wedding date, WeddingHappy will create a schedule with suggested due dates for all important aspects of the wedding. Each date can be changed if you do not agree with the schedule they have created but it is definitely a place to start.The schedule breaks everything down into tasks. When a new task is approaching, it will alert you so you can keep everything on track for your perfect day. It also allows you to check of different tasks to see if you’re ahead of schedule and all the progress you’ve made! You can share these tasks as well if you need a little help leading up to the big day. The app is able to store all your vendor information too. All contact information for each vendor is organized in a separate folder so if you have to contact any of them, they are all in one convenient place. When you’re looking for vendors, WeddingHappy will also bring up Yelp in order to help you find the perfect vendors for your big day. This app is also free!! WeddingHappy is a wonderful place to start when planning your wedding.


Wedpics is an app that has several useful features you can use throughout your time planning your wedding. Its main feature is photo sharing. Your guests can take pictures at your beautiful wedding, download this app and share them with you instantly! No more hashtags or endless tagging on Facebook. With a press of a button, you can receive hundreds of pictures from your closest family and friends! You can also create different albums within the app for different occasions. When your best friend snaps a priceless picture of you opening your beloved Kitchenaide mixer, she can share that to your wedding shower album within seconds! Once you receive all your perfect pictures, you can order prints instantly from the app too. Some other features include adding your registry, sending invitations and sharing accommodations details with your guests. The best part about this app? It’s free!! Receive hundreds of pictures your photographer may have missed, share details of your wedding and improve your overall wedding experience with Wedpics!

Wedding LookBook by the Knot

Every bride knows the most important part of her day is her dress. Finding the perfect dress can be a long process but the Wedding LookBook app by the Knot can help! This app can do several things to help you. You can browse through several different styles of dresses to find one that fits your style. When you find some you like, you can bookmark them into a favorites folder. The app will give you suggestions of other dresses you may like based on your favorites. You can also look at dresses for your bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses. When you find some you like, you can search and find places near you that carry them! You can even contact those businesses directly and set up appointments with them through the app. One last thing you can do is look at different wedding bands as well as accessories for your perfect dress. This app is also free! If you need help finding a beautiful wedding gown, Wedding LookBook by the Knot is the perfect app for you!

Wedding Budget

Keeping within your budget is the most important part of planning your wedding. With the Wedding Budget app, this will be a breeze!  First download the app, then set your budget and the app will do the rest. It will automatically set a budget for you for the most important aspects of the wedding and what a typical budget should be. You can input more categories for your budget and the app will readjust your budget accordingly. There are several easy to read graphs and charts to keep you organized and it’s free! Use this app to keep you organized and under budget.

RightGift Universal Wedding Wishlist

This app takes wedding registries to a whole new level. With RightGift Universal Wedding Wishlist, you and your future spouse can create a large wish list from virtually any store. You can scan a barcode straight from your phone and it will upload it to your wish list. You can share your wish list with family and friends and have a link sent out in invitations. By compiling a wish list from several different stores, you will be able to register for any and everything you will need once you tie the knot.


This calendar-sharing app is great to have while you’re planning your wedding but also great to keep after the wedding is over! This convenient app will allow you to synch up your calendar with your soon to be spouse and share all the important things going on in your lives. When you put something on your calendar, it automatically gets put on the other person’s calendar. While planning the wedding, you can make sure your significant other is in the loop with various appointments and meetings with different vendors for the reception. There are several other features that are helpful within this app like a to do list as well as a grocery list. This will definitely come in handy after the knot is tied! This free app will definitely help you stay in synch with your partner so they feel helpful and included.