You would think that creating your wedding registry would be a breeze, but alas, it is not. There are so many factors to consider and you also have to be mindful of each others’ wants and needs. Here are a few tips to help the process go smoothly.

1.     Make sure you set aside enough time. You're going to go in to it thinking that it will be a quick in-and-out trip, but trust me, its probably going to take a while. So, plan accordingly; don’t try to squeeze it in really quick before something important.

2.     Have a preliminary discussion about what you think you want before going to scan everything in the store. If you take an inventory of what you have and come up with a game plan, it will help you save a lot of time. You also don’t want to register for a lot of stuff that you already have. Choose colors and patterns for sheets, dishes, and towels. This doesn’t mean that you won’t change your mind when you actually get in the store and see something else that you want, but you will at least have an idea.

3.     Don’t be afraid to register for the $200 trash can (or whatever expensive item that you want). You never know, somebody might see the value and get it for you! You want to give your guests a wide price range of items to choose from. Often times, a few guests will go in on a gift together so that they can get you that one expensive item that you have been talking about for months, so don’t shy away from what you really want!

4.     Register at multiple places. This not only gives your guests a variety of gifts to choose from, but it gives you the opportunity to register for different kinds of items. If your fiancé wants a new table saw for the garage at the new house, consider registering at a home improvement store along with a home goods store so that you can get those dishes that you have been wanting, too.

5.     Ask your friends for help. Someone with a different perspective might think of something for you to add that you wouldn’t have even thought of. Some of your friends might have some insight into what they wish they would have registered for but didn’t, so use those resources.

Here is a list of places to help you get started: