When it’s finally time to bid adieu to the newlyweds as they leave their ceremony or reception, it is usually tradition to throw rice over them as they walk out and wave goodbye. This ancient tradition where everyone happily participates in sending off the bride and groom has always been very popular. Showering the couple with rice is supposed to symbolize abundance and fertility. But just because that’s what people usually throw, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and have your guests shower you with something else! Here are some cute and fun alternatives you could use on your wedding send-off!



Using confetti for your send-off is a very versatile idea. Since confetti can come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, you could make it a D-I-Y project and make your own mix of confetti with colors that complement your wedding and put it in a small bag or box and hand it out to your guests. You could also have a confetti bar for your guests to make their own mix of confetti to shower you with!


These would make your send-off look adorably fun, colorful, and quirky. It’s also a very cheap alternative, since you can easily get a bunch of these for a very low price. These will make for very festive and fantastic looking pictures of your exit.


Having sparklers as part of the wedding send-off has become really popular. It looks amazing and magical when all of the guests light these up at night and wave them around as the newlyweds walk out and away. It also makes for an amazing photo opportunity and a wonderful memory.

Flowers or Petals

Flowers or petals can be used to go along with the theme/colors of your wedding. Throwing wildflowers would look beautiful at a bohemian or outdoor wedding. If you have more of a classic wedding then some nice rose petals raining down on you would look perfect and romantic. If you want to add a more colorful touch then some bright flowers will do the trick!

Glow Sticks

Using these would make for a very bright and lively exit! Just like the sparklers alternative, these are better suited to use when you’re being sent off at night. While you’re wedding might not have been much like a rave, this is a fun way to end the party and light your way off into happily ever after with your beloved.

There are so many other alternatives that you could do for your send-off! Some you can even personalize and customize to your liking/color/theme and make them even more unique and quirky than they already are. So whether you end up having your guests throwing paper airplanes, rainbow sprinkles, blowing bubbles, waving ribbons or flags, or whatever strikes your fancy, just remember to savor the moment as you’re walking out and guests are overjoyed to see you exit with your better half as a happily married couple.