Pets in Wedding

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Your wedding won’t be the same if your best friend wasn’t there to see you down the aisle, which is why more and more couples are including their furry friends in their wedding. Who can blame them? Dogs and cats in cute floral collars make the prefect photo to add to anyone’s Instagram. 

High Quality Floral Design

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There has been a resurgence in high quality floral arrangement. With the use of Pinterest, brides are becoming more knowledge and creative with their use of floral décor for their wedding.  

Relaxed Events 

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Wedding now a days are have really shifted into becoming laid back social gathering. A wedding today is not as formal as the weddings are parents were used to. Decades ago there were several rules and wedding etiquettes, but now the rule is there are no strict rules you have to follow when you are planning you wedding. All you need to do is make your wedding yours.

More Intimate Weddings 


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Grand and over the top is not for everyone and we are seeing more and more couples whisk their love one way to beautiful places with the company of those the truly know and love them. Intimate wedding can really tug at your heart string and allow the people that you love most in the world to come together and get to know each other a little better through you.

His and Her Cocktails 

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We have seen this before last year and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. His and her cocktails can help with your budget if these are the only alcoholic beverages being served or can just be a suggestion for your guest at an open bar. 

Comfort Food

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As weddings have become more informal, so have the couple’s choices in food. Couples are opting for their entrees to be childhood favorites with an adult spin such as truffle mac and cheese and grilled cheese with tomato soup shooter. Couple want to enjoy good food, but also want something that they are familiar with. 

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Having a wedding cake has been optional for a way and this trend still remains true. Couples who do not like wedding cake realize that they can just substitute it for their favorite dessert. Who’s going to say no to delicious home baked chocolate cookies?!? I’ll tell you: No one will. 

Bright Colors or Neutrals 

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You can expect couples to go one of two ways when it comes to color. Either they will want tons of bright colors or they will stick to neutrals. Both may be accompanied by metallic too. 

Rose Gold 

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Rose gold everything!!!! Rose gold has taken gold’s spot at wedding metallic color of the year. It going great with neutral wedding colors and works beautifully as jewelry with white and cream wedding gowns.

Calligraphy Everything 

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Beautiful handwritten calligraphy is always appreciated by everyone and now couples are not just using this beautiful art form for their invitations, but in a lot of creative aspects of their wedding. From weddings signs to cake toppers, hand letting can make any wedding that much more personal.